Leaf Filter Gutter Guard Reviews

Leaf Filter™ Gutter Guard Reviews

LeafFilter™ is the highest rated professionally installed gutter guard. LeafFilter™ uses a micro mesh screen to keep all debris — leaves, shingle grit, pine needles — out of your gutters. We guarantee that a LeafFilter™ protected gutter will not clog. Only water gets into a LeafFilter™protected gutter — guaranteed!

Why Choose LeafFilter™ Leaf Guards?

  • LeafFilter™ installs on top of your existing gutters. There is no need to replace your existing gutters.
  • LeafFilter™ does not disturb your roof or impact your roof warranty.
  • LeafFilter™ offers a manufacturer's lifetime transferable warranty.

LeafFilter™ North, Inc.

 LeafFilter™ North, Inc. is America's largest installer and distributor of Leaf Filter™ gutter protection. We have installed more than 20 million feet of LeafFilter™ on homes across the United States. We encourage you to view reviews from some of our existing customers on this site. If you would like to see if LeafFilter is the right gutter protection system for your home please click here to request an estimate and product demonstration

Take it from these customers, LeafFilter™ Gutter Guards work!

Cleaning out your gutters is a dirty, disgusting task. And guess what? It's dangerous too! Each year, hundreds of thousands of homeowners visit the Emergency Room from a ladder fall - and there is a better way with Leaf Filter Gutter Protection. It doesn't matter where we set up a booth in the country, pleased customers stop by with nothing but praise for Leaf Filter. Here's a quick, little montage of customers giving positive feedback on Leaf Filter gutter guards.


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Leaf Filter™ Reviews

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