LeafFilter Gutter Guard Reviews

LeafFilter Gutter Protection is the #1 professionally installed gutter guard system in the nation. Our micromesh gutter filter prevents debris, leaves, insects, pests – everything but water — from entering and clogging a home’s rain gutters. By keeping gutters debris and clog-free, LeafFilter will prevent the headache of having to deal with costly roof, structural, and foundation issues.

Along with providing the best possible product on the market, we are committed to providing the best possible customer service experience in the industry. Not only have we received recognition from some of the largest publications in the nation, but the hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers are a testament to our team’s dedication at LeafFilter.

With over 25 million feet installed nationwide and ZERO clogged gutters, our customers love the peace of mind they get from LeafFilter Gutter Protection. We encourage you to learn more about LeafFilter and read more LeafFilter reviews from real customers and homeowners!


Watch our LeafFilter Customer Reviews

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