15 Clever Hacks to Help You Survive Winter

15 clever hacks to survive winter

Every winter, we vow to be better prepared for all of the challenges that winter presents, but sometimes life throws us curveballs. Whether you are looking for ways to deal with your car, your home or your skin during the winter months, LeafFilter has you covered! We’ve gathered the best winter weather hacks to help you deal with all of those winter hassles.

Fixing a Foggy Windshield
Foggy windshields are not only annoying but dangerous, too. To quickly clear fog, keep a chalkboard eraser in your car.

Another quick tip is to let some fresh air into your car. You may be cold for a minute, but the air will quickly defog the windows.

To prevent foggy windows, don’t leave water bottles or other drinks in your car. The water and moisture will become frost on the inside windows of your car.

Preparing for a Storm
What happens if you get snowed in? You’ll need to prepare for the worst.

First, if you were to lose power, make sure you have light. Remember to store candles and flashlights in an easy to find a place. Make sure all of your family members know where the emergency pack is.

During the winter months, it will also be a good idea to stock up on food. Staples like bread, milk, and canned goods, will be beneficial to keep in your cupboards in case a storm hits.

Guard your windshield Wiper Covers
If you have an extra pair of socks they can come in handy for your wiper blades. Use the pair to guard your windshield wipers at night and keep the snow of them.

Ice Scraper
If you find yourself with frozen car windows and are short on time, try using a spatula if you are home. Or, use any plastic card in your wallet to get under the ice and scrape it away.

Make your Own De-Icer
If you’d like to experiment with creating your own de-icer, mix three parts vinegar with one part water, and spray the mixture onto your windshield. The mixture will prevent ice from forming.

Car Emergency Kit 101
Hopefully, you never have to use it, but it will be helpful in case of an emergency. Keep these items in your car.
-A Winter Coat
-Extra socks, underwear, gloves, scarf
-A candle and matches
-Hand and Foot warmers
-Energy Bars
With these items in your truck, you’ll be prepared to face whatever driving challenges come your way!

Insulate your Home
Use bubble wrap or plastic wrap to insulate your windows. Not only will this help you save energy, but you’ll be able to keep drafts at bay.

Inspect your Furnace
Every few years, it will be a good idea to hire a professional to inspect and tune your furnace up. This will help you home stay warm and your furnace run more efficiently.

Battle Air Leaks
First, you’ll want to detect air leaks in your home. This will include areas like windows, doors, electrical outlets, and baseboards. Then, use weather-stripping and caulking to seal these areas. Weather stripping only costs about $10, but it can help lower your overall energy bill, putting money back into your pocket.

Buy a Programmable Thermostat
A programmable thermostat is a must for any homeowner! By setting up a programmable thermostat, you can put more money back into your pocket by scheduling it to work when you are home.

Use Infrared Space Heaters
If you don’t have an efficient fireplace, look for a small infrared heater. These types of heaters can heat a very large space. Even though they are electric, they are much more efficient at heating a single room.

Utilize your Ceiling Fans
If you have ceiling fans, put them on a low-speed in a clockwise rotation to drive warm air from the ceiling back down to you.

Skin Care Tips
During the winter months, make sure to stay hydrated. It may seem counterintuitive, but the dry winter months can zap moisture from your skin. Aim for 8-10 glasses per day!

Use a Humidifier
Another great tip for battling dry skin in the winter is to invest in a humidifier. A humidifier will help add moisture to the air in your home. Keep it by your bed for optimal moisturization!

Make Shoveling Easier
Spray a shovel with nonstick cooking spray or silicone based lubricant to help prevent snow from sticking.