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We have been very pleased with the completed project. After the gutter covers were installed, the heavy rain began. The covers worked as was expected, no run overs. Dominique, our sales rep, was very knowledgeable and willing to work with us on cost of product. Chris, the installer, was intent on getting the job finished in a timely manner and in getting it installed correctly. No complaints on our part.
George Holmes
The installer came one morning and completed the job in one day. We are pleased with the job done. It hasn't rained yet but look forward to not having clogged gutters now.
Marsha Gentry
Wonderful sales representative!! Wonderful hardworking polite installer!!53
Jean Nigro
good quick service
Joe Tallinger
Appears to be working as advertised. Installation went smoothly and really looks nice.
Suzanne Hope
Good clean looking system that lays flat on the gutter for nothing to get stuck in
Todd Hamilton
Excellent experience!
Rhonda Novacek
The installation went very smooth. Since installation, the rains have been light so the system has really not been pushed. The real test will be this fall into winter. Right now I have to give it 4 stars until I see the the system pushed hard.
Salesperson was excellent. Installer excellent, very friendly, and went above and beyond, very careful with the property. Both were very clear in their explanations. Would definitely recommend. As for performance of product, it was just installed, so I can't say, but expect excellent results.
Ralph & Gail Gearlds
The sales and installation were both satisfying. Steve Ingemi was the sales rep and he was very charming and professional. The installation crew were very friendly and seemed to do a great job. We're not expecting any issues, but will stand the test of time as our leaf filter system was just installed yesterday.
Brendon Edwards
After calling the 800 number to set up a time for an adjustment that needed to be done to the gutter, I was expecting a call from the local office to set up a date and time. Instead a truck was at the house that afternoon. Excellent repair done by very courteous and professional workers. Highly recommend Leaf Filter.
Don Seel
It was a rough start because no one came on the day the install was scheduled. Called the boss and he called around and found out the installer he had assigned to us was sick and did not call in. The next day a different installer arrived right on time and I walked him around the outside of the house and we discussed the instructions left by the sales person. He arrived at 9 a.m. and never stopped until he was finished at 5:30 p.m. He was a wonderful, polite and helpful person who I would welcome to return any time. One small part was missing and not noted on the work order so he is arranging for the part to be brought and the job finished. I highly recommend this company.
Marianne and Gord Bustard
Very efficient, competent and friendly installers. Kept us informed on the job's progress and left everything cleaned up and paperwork explained. Next two days had two downpours and the gutter covers worked just as predicted.
EN & AJ Kaufmann
Installation and sales people were very pleasant to work with. They were truly concerned that we were satisfied and were very helpful in working with problems that occurred due to existing building anomalies. Fantastic service, professional, and very courteous!
John & Jo
Bernie was great everything went as explained .
dan householder