Secret Compartment Furniture – The Latest Trend

secret compartment

Each year, 2,000,000 home burglaries occur in the United States and 66 percent of all burglaries are residential break-ins. Burglars enter homes looking for the most obvious targets such as jewelry boxes, laptops, guns or electronics. A piece of furniture will likely be the last place a thief would think to find your valuables.

Furniture with secret compartments is the latest craze in the furniture industry. Not only is the furniture typically high-end, but you can hide all of your valuables in a place with easy access. Hidden compartment furniture brings peace of mind to homeowners looking to store their valuables or firearms in their home.

Secret Compartment Furniture offers handmade pieces crafted by the Amish in Ohio. With a variety of stain colors to choose from, each piece is customizable to fit your wants and needs. Some items offered by Secret Compartment Furniture include:

  • Bookcases: for a small bookcase you will have one secret compartment behind the bottom skirt. For a taller bookcase you get four secret compartments; one behind the bottom skirt, one on each side and one under the top.
  • Bedroom furniture: Bedside tables, end tables and beds are all available with a variety of secret compartments including false backs on dressers and moveable table tops.
  • Home accessories: Porthole mirrors, mantle shelves and flower boxes are all items that can be used to hide your valuables.

Stealth Furniture Incorporated offers secret compartment furniture to meet any of your needs. They offer compact storage options such as nightstands and end tables. Their long storage options such as coffee tables or entry tables are a great fit for shotgun storage. In addition to furniture they offer hidden compartment mirrors that can be placed anywhere in the home.

Top Secret Furniture has 30 years of experience to help you protect your home and valuables. End tables, bookshelves and nightstands are just a few pieces of furniture offered by Top Secret Furniture to disguise your valuables. If you have enough furniture in your home, test one of their wall shelves or wall clocks that are sure to protect your home.

Coffee tables, dining tables, entertainment centers and shelving systems are all custom made by QLine Design. They combine their love for wood, architecture and furniture design to bring you custom pieces that provide stealth and security with secret hidden compartments.

Unfortunately, only 13 percent of burglaries are actually solved and have items recovered. Don’t be a part of the statistic and get secret compartment furniture to keep your valuables intact and safe inside your home.