Secure Your Home during the Holidays with These Ideas

home security

With the holidays almost here we want you to protect the gifts you have worked so hard to buy for friends and family. We have compiled a list of security hacks to be aware of so your gifts, home and family are safe this season.

  1. Keep Your Vacation Plans To Yourself

With a variety of social media networks out there it is best to keep your vacation plans private. Hold off on posting photos of your adventure or status updates while out of town. Sharing your vacation plans are an open invitation to burglars to visit your home while you are away. Staying off social media will help avoid this and give you a much needed social media break so you can enjoy your vacation with friends and family with you.

  1. Don’t Put Gifts Under The Tree Too Early

We all love a Christmas tree surrounded by gifts, but if your tree is near a window keep the gifts hidden until Christmas Eve. A Christmas tree surrounded by gifts and close to a window is a recipe for disaster. Place your tree away from windows or opt to keep the gifts out of sight until Christmas Eve to be safe.

If it doesn’t feel like Christmas without gifts under the tree one week before Christmas install window and door shades. This makes the inside of your home difficult to see and looks like the home is occupied.

  1. Pack Your Presents Secretly

If you are heading a few hours away with your presents this year, pack your car the night before or the morning you plan to head out. Make sure to do this in a garage where no one can see. This is another recipe for disaster if someone see’s you packing all your gifts into your car. There would be nothing worse than all your hard earned presents disappearing the night before Christmas. Of course, keep your garage closed at all times until you are ready to head to your destination.

  1. Be Smart About Your Garbage

This is one not too many people think about. Christmas is over, no more wrapped presents to steal, right? Wrong. When putting large boxes on your front lawn for trash pick-up turn them inside out. This eliminates the possibility of a burglar heading into your home for those big ticket items they now know you have. If possible, take the boxes to a recycling bin yourself so you won’t have to worry about someone snooping through your new gifts.

  1. Invest in a Security System

Don’t just invest in a security system for the holidays, but for year-round protection. The iSmart Alarm System allows you to see your property from anywhere, any time. Window sensors, door sensors, motion detectors and camera are all wirelessly connected and controlled from the iSmart app to ensure your home is always protected, even when you aren’t home.