Sell Your Home with These Staging Tips

selling home

Home buyers come into potential homes with a keen eye for detail. They are looking for cleanliness, purpose and how well they will fit into this new space. You may not realize it while doing it, but staging your home will be a key selling point. Without staging, the home buying process may take additional time instead of selling quickly.

Give Each Room a Purpose

Maybe you use the den as a kid’s playroom, an extra sitting area or a combination of both. When it comes time to sell your home it is time to determine one purpose for the room and it should be the most practical purpose for home buyers. Make the space simple, clean and spacious to showcase there are other uses for the room other than the one you have staged.

Clean, Clean and Clean Again

Deep clean your entire home so it has its best face forward for everyone walking through the door. Clean all countertops in the kitchen, vacuum and sweep all floors and clean all toilets, showers and bath tubs. People want to know they are buying a home that is clean and has been taken care of.

Get Organized

Organization is key to staging your home. Get rid of clutter, especially in all common areas. Shut all closet doors, make all beds, close shower curtains and put away all toys. Your home will look cleaner, put together and show that you take pride in your home. Have you ever heard the saying, “messy car, messy life”? Same goes for homes. A messy home will show potential buyers the lack of care for your home which may turn them off and not get you the sale you are looking for.

Let Light In

The more light entering your home, the bigger it will look. Open all blinds and curtains in each room so buyers can see the amount of natural light your home receives. Many windows with natural light is often a selling point so play it up as much as possible.

Remove the Personal Touches

You are selling your home, not your personal belongings. That means to remove any quirky or fancy touches you may have added to the home along with all personal photos. Homebuyers are looking for how to make their new home their own, not to see your style or your latest family photos. Removing the personal elements of the home puts the buyer in purchasing mentality.

Groom the Outdoors

Ensure your yard, garage, and exterior of your home are in shape before buyers walk through your doors. The outside of your home is what buyers will first see so it is important to have enticing curb appeal.

Use these tips and idea to stage your next home for selling success. Happy selling!