When to DIY or Hire a Professional for Home Improvement Projects

home improvement

Are you torn between hiring a professional and doing it yourself? We all like to think we can handle projects ourselves and it saves money, but there are just some things that are better off with a professional touch. Below we break down home improvement projects that can easily be DIY and ones we suggest leaving to the professionals.

Renovations – Hire a Pro

If you are building walls or demolishing walls or rooms it is smart to hire a professional to take care of such a big task. During demolition you don’t want to hit any electrical or plumbing lines, which is not likely to happen when hiring a professional. If you do a DIY renovation you must ensure it is up to code, but a professional can ensure it is done the right way the first time.

New Flooring – DIY                

Laying down flooring has becoming increasingly easier with the success of YouTube and the amount of easy-to-use products on the market. DIY flooring will take a little longer than a professional, but think about the money you will be saving from doing it yourself. Two-tone bamboo flooring, floating wood plank floor, laminate flooring and tiling a floor are all DIY flooring projects you can handle without a professional.

Gutter Cleaning and Protection – Hire a Pro

Gutter cleaning should always be done by a professional to avoid dangerous falls from occurring. Instead of continuously paying a professional to clean you gutters, invest in gutter protection such as LeafFilter. With LeafFilter installed, you no longer have to worry about gutter cleaning or paying someone to clean your gutters. LeafFilter’s micro mesh is 50 microns fine allowing nothing but water to enter your gutters. For a one time investment, you will have clean gutters for life.

Painting – DIY

Painting and wallpaper are two ways to update your home for a low cost. Not only do you save money by not having to hire a professional, but you can find paint for decently low prices. Painter’s tape, rollers and paint are all you will need to complete this DIY project. Check out this photo gallery from HGTV to see all different kinds of projects you can do with your leftover paint.

Electrical Work – Hire a Pro

Tackling electrical work with minimal knowledge of what you are doing can become a costly mess and even dangerous. Not only are you at risk for becoming electrocuted, but faulty wiring is a fire waiting to happen. HomeAdvisor has a great online directory of electricians for you to choose from in your area.

DIY projects take time, but will save you money. Hopefully after reading this article you see the importance of projects that require a professional and the benefit to hiring one. What projects have you done yourself and what projects have you given to a professional? Let us know in the comments below!